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Overview of Glew’s Latest Dashboard: Configurable vs. Variant Reporting

Join us for an in-depth look at Glew’s latest Product dashboard: Configurables. This page allows you to preview products rolled up under Configurables, or look at individual product SKUs under Variants. This reporting is powerful for retail stores that carry many sizes and colors of a product because standard reports deliver fractured data. It is now extremely easy to compare Orders, Quantity Sold, Quantity Left and Revenue between Variants.

Date:   Thursday, May 11

Time:   10 a.m. EST

We will cover…

   The Basics of Variant vs. Configurable Reporting

   Using Data to Guide Product Reordering and Stocking

   Predictive Inventory Depletion and Velocity

   Evaluating Product Trends to Stay Ahead of the Curve

   Putting Category Data to Profitable Use


Strategies For Using March Madness Data To Your Advantage

March is a strong month for sports apparel companies! During March there is an influx of new customers, sales are high and inventory flies off the shelves. But how can you learn from your March Madness sales? Join the Glew team on April 4th as we go over ways to use your March Madness data to your advantage, and how your data can keep sales growing even after the tournament has ended.

Date: Tuesday, April 4

Time: 11 a.m. EST

  Targeting Your New One-Time Purchase Customers

  Identifying Hot Products to Restock for Next Season

  How to Effectively Choose Product Bundles to Increase AOV

  Pinpointing When Sales Pickup to Order Inventory Correctly

  Comparing March Performance from 2016 to 2017


The Ecommerce Survival Guide to Holiday Reporting

Join the Glew team as we review what metrics to track each day, week and month to have your most profitable Q4 of all time. We will cover what to look for in your Performance data, how to find opportunities in your Merchandise data and where to find areas for growth in your Customer data.

Date:   Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016

Time:   11 a.m. est.

  Adapting Product Strategy Based on Consumer Demand

  Retrieving Abandoned Cart Customers & Minimizing Abandoned Carts

  Identifying Hot Products

  Capitalizing on Zero Purchase Customers

  Benchmarking Revenue to Ensure Positive Trending Growth

  Using Holiday Data for Purchasing in 2017


Capitalizing on Black Friday and Holiday Shoppers

Glew helps hundreds of stores make more revenue from their merchandise and customers. We’re sharing secrets to making more money during the holiday season. We want to help you make more money! Join us during lunch and see how Glew can bolster your Black Friday strategy.

Date:   Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016

Time:   11 a.m. est.

  Comparing how channels bring in new customers

  Making money from your “Never Purchased” segment

  Increasing Average Order Value through bundles

  Finding products most commonly purchased by “Big Spenders”

  Staying on top of Inventory Depletion

  Maximizing Hot Products during the holidays

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