What's new in Glew: Channel Mapping

What’s New in Glew: Channel Mapping

How to Enable Channel Mapping

The Problem

Channel data from Google Analytics is messy. In order for line items to group together, the Mediums must be exactly the same. This spreads performance data out over dozens of line items.

Example: Even though the channel is Facebook, Google Analytics treats each of the following paths as a separate Medium:

  • l.facebook.com
  • lm.facebook.com
  • Facebook-Paid
  • Facebook-paidads


Our Solution

Channel Mapping in Glew looks at the Source of referral data and aligns data with common phrasing. Data coming from all of the different Facebook paths are rolled up into one line item in Glew’s profitability tables. Channel Mapping works for Facebook, Instagram and AdRoll paths.

Take advantage of this offering by Enabling Channel Mapping in Glew. Go to Store Settings > Channel Mapping.