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“What’s Glew Plus?” Your Custom Reporting Questions, Answered


Don't get us wrong - we love the reporting and analytics that come standard in Glew.io, and we know you do, too. It's what helps you report on your daily performance, understand the ROI of your marketing campaigns, power personalized communication with your customers and more.

But sometimes, you may want something that's not available out-of-the-box - whether that's a unique report tailored for your business, a custom platform integration, or aggregate analysis across all your stores.

That's where Glew Plus comes in. 

In this month's webinar, we walk through Glew's custom reporting product, Glew Plus, including:

  • What Glew Plus comes with, including 20+ additional integrations and a built-in BI tool
  • How does Glew Plus differ from Glew.io? 
  • Who can benefit from Glew Plus? 
  • Common use cases for custom reporting, including additional integrations, aggregate reporting across stores or domains, and cohort analysis

Plus, see Mark's slides from the webinar.