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New Licensing Features for Agencies

We recently launched our biggest update ever for agencies, putting the features and functionality of Glew in your hands so you can provide analytics to your clients.

This webinar goes over our new agency features so you can see them in action, including: 
  • Onboarding and activating clients
  • Managing free trials and subscriptions
  • Setting custom plans and pricing
  • Collecting and managing payments

Full transcript

Jim Fede: Hello, everyone. We're going to give just a couple more seconds just in case we have a couple of folks joining us a little bit late and then we are going to kick things off. So just please stand by. We'll get going at about a minute in.

Jim: Alright, well everyone, thank you so much for joining today. We're really excited. We appreciate your time and I'm really looking forward to walking through what we are referring to as licensing and this has been a big push from us from a development development standpoint. And to kind of cue this up a little bit for you, what licensing was, was our attempt to enable our Glew Plus and agency subscribers to basically do everything that we can do. So think of it as operationalizing, you know, your Glew Plus or your agency agreement with us here at Glew. Um, so one of the things we're going to do is walk you through this today during this webinar. As we get into the licensing, and Walker Langley, I'm going to do introductions, here in a second. We'll walk through this, but when we go through this, there's several sections and features within this new release.

Jim: So as we go through each, we're going to save a couple minutes at the end just to go through any questions that you might have. So feel free as we're going through each of those, there is an ask a question option towards the bottom of the page. Feel free as we go through each section, if you have a question, feel free to ask about it. There's also a text box on the righthand side. If you have any technical difficulties hearing, seeing, anything like that, please feel free to to send those there as well. So my name is Jim Fede. I am our director of Glew Advisory Services here and I have probably spoken with most of you in the past or currently right now. And I also wanted to introduce Walker Langley. He's a director of development here. Walker will be walking us through this presentation in detail.

Jim: This licensing is live. We're in our opt-in kind of beta period now. So if you're currently in the app, you're not going to see this yet, but don't worry - if this is something, after you review this with us that you wanted to go ahead and launch, you can just reach out to support@glew.io and we'll be able to walk through that process of opting in to enable you to utilize all of these features. This is also recorded, so for anybody that is on your team that wasn't able to make it, if you want them to have access, we will be sharing this recording with everybody after the call. So I'm gonna kick it over to Walker and he's going to take you guys through this.

Walker Langley: Everybody, as Jim mentioned, my name's Walker. And as and one of the team members who worked on licensing, I'm just kinda going to jump right in and walk you through the features available and try to explain what everything does and kind of the reason for all the sanctions. If you have any questions you can just, uh, ask them in the, I believe there's an ask a question section at the bottom. And at the end of each section that we go through, we'll pause for a minute and answer any questions that anyone has. All right. So as you can see, I'm in our little test white labeled account. And the login screen you see kind of just the traditional login. Once you do sign in, then you will see this pill down here, at the bottom of app settings.

Walker: So this is how you get into all the features of licensing. And then also you have visible all the active stores for your agency. So if you go into app settings, couple of things to know, the sidebar over here, the APP settings is on this kind of left-hand bottom area down here. I saw within app settings we have seven new kinds of sections. The first one we're going to look at is Appearance. So the purpose of appearance is to add some, some personal kind of a customization to your white labels. You can do add certain, um, favicons and, and descriptions. So this app name right here, licensing demo, this is what is shown on the login screen. So real quick, you save this and then log out. You'll see this goes to your account. So whenever you put in there will be displayed on the line items.

Walker: The tagline actually currently doesn't do anything, so don't worry about that. It's blank. Um, we will, once we update this, we'll uh, we'll have some information about that. The privacy policy link and the terms of condition link. So if you have your own set of privacy policy or terms and conditions that you want to, to provide your customers, you can put links to those documents in here. Um, if you don't have them, they will default to the standard Glew privacy policy and terms of conditions. But, um, yeah, you can put in your own documents here. Once you update there, just click save app info and those values are stored. Now at the bottom, we have favicon and logos. So as you can see, the Glew, the favicon here is what is displayed in the tab of your browser. The header logo is what's displayed here.

Walker: Email template logo, which I don't have one set up, but that uh, is this way near your email templates. Your report logo is displayed on reports, the integration logo is what is displayed and the OAuth modal that pops up. So certain integrations we have requiring OAuth, uh, there has been some questions about getting rid of the default Glew logo. Unfortunately, that's not something that is possible, just because the way OAuth works, but you can upload a logo that you want to display, um, referencing, um, your own. So that goes there. And just an example of a favicon or how to change one of these if we go to, so the new favicon. So once you hit upload it saves in real time.

Walker: And now we have a new favicon. So that is Appearance in a nutshell. Um, let's see if we have any questions. Wait, maybe 20, 30 seconds. See if anyone has one, then move on.

Walker: Alrighty. Jump into the next one. So subscribers is the next one we'll go through and this is really kind of the biggest section that we've added. So once you click in here, you can see all the stores, um, that are associated with your agency. Over here we have different kind of tags indicating the status of the store. So just going to jump right into this. So you'll notice on the left hand side over here, you'll see how many seats your agency has purchased through Glew. And you'll see the price per month. If you do have a, a set number of seats, you'll see your plan utilization. So two active out of 50. If you don't have purchased seats, if you have, you know, depending on your contract, it's kind of an unlimited number of seats, then you don't see utilization and you'll see it a little infinity symbol.

Walker: Within this window you can search for all your stores. You can filter stores by status. So a real quick overview of all of these separate statuses. So we've had some agencies that have, you know, bought X number of seats with us and then whatever agreement that you as an agency have with your customers, you might just say that you want to give your customers Glew for free, kind of baked into the cost of whatever deal you have with them. So this status of bundled indicates that you are not collecting payments from your customers specifically for the Glew app that you know, you have some other agreement worked out with them. And trial is, you know, someone that has registered and is kind of testing out Glew. But you know, at the end of their free trial if you want to either charge them money or let them use the free trial before you activate their subscription, they'll be in the in-trial status and they will see a banner. If they're in trial, they'll have this kind of banner of how many days they have left in their free trial.

Walker: Free trial expired means that the customer does not have access to any of their data. So jumping back to Bonobos real quick, now we don't have any data in the store but you can see they have access to the highlights, performance, all their metrics. If we go to J. Crew, whose free trial has expired, they do not have access to any of the Glew metrics. They do do, have access to activate their subscription.

Walker: Not integrated is someone who has signed up but has not integrated any of their stores. You know, so if you see someone that's hanging out in this status for too long, might want to reach out to him and see what's going on there. And inactive is basically someone that doesn't have an account with you anymore. So if someone is inactive, they cannot log into the app. When they log in it'll just say, hey, no stores are available. So it's kind of a way of almost deleting a customer. And then Active is someone who is active but is paying you through the app. So rather than kind of getting Glew for free, they have put in credit card information and subscribed. Awesome. So over here, next to each store, click on this little kebab here. You'll see you have different ways of managing the statuses of your stores. So if someone is active, you can deactivate them or you could send them back to a free trial.

Walker: If someone is in a free trial, you can activate them. So if you select activate, basically that kicks someone into the active, bundled status. So that is, you know, someone has signed up with you and you want to give them full rights to use Glew. You can go in here and activate them. You can also deactivate. This restart free trial is, uh, let's say a customer is in a free trial period. And for whatever reason, that's expired and they aren't quite ready to commit to going all in, they'd like a few more days to try Glew out, you can restart the free trial and you can set the number of free trial days. So now this person, let's say they had already had 10 days, you want to give him five more, then you could restart their free trial and they have five more days before their free trial expired. You can deactivate it again, you can restart the free trial or you could activate them. Not integrated. You could activate them, but it still really wouldn't matter because they don't have any integrations hooked up with this so they wouldn't be able to see anything. Um, and then active, you can deactivate.

Walker: Alright, so that covers that page. Uh, you can filter by status as well as search by store names. All right, so that's pretty much that page in a nutshell. Going to hang on for a few seconds to see if anyone has any questions. One thing I actually, I will, mention are the stores within the subscribers tab. If you click on a store, you can jump to some details about that store. So because Apple is bundled, they don't have any payment history, but Vitamix is active, meaning that they have put in their credit card information. So click on them. Then you would see their billing, their subscription plan information and their payment history here.

Walker: You want me to go over notifications? This is more just to kind of remind you of what notifications are currently set up. So to have access to this, to this app settings page, you need to be an agency admin. And so any agency admin will receive emails when any of these three events happen. So a new user signs up, the integration is started and then the data import is complete. Once any of those three things have happened, then an email will be sent to the email associated with any users who are agency admins. This is where you can enter your Stripe information. It allows you to collect payment from your customers. So as we mentioned with the subscribers, um, Vitamix is active, meaning that in the Glew app they went to - so actually I can just jump in here and share this real quick. So then they went down and activated their subscription, put in their credit card information and are paying for Glew directly. So you can put in your own Stripe keys here so that when customers put in their credit card information, they will be paying you directly.

Walker: So Stripe has a way to test their API or to test the credentials to make sure they work. So kind of the way this works is once you set up a Stripe account, you're going to get some public keys and some test keys. You can put in your test keys here, save them, you'll see that, uh, test mode is enabled. So from here you could go create a store, subscribe, and put in some dummy credit card information. So Stripe has some test cards available. So you can create a dummy store, go to to activate subscription, put in a dummy credit card, activate that store, and then check your Stripe account. And again, in Stripe, makes sure that you are looking at your test credentials, not your production credentials, but verify that that payment went through to your Stripe account. So once you've kind of verified that and you're comfortable, then you could disable the test mode, put in the public keys, save them. And so from that point forward, anyone that goes into Glew and goes to activate their subscription and puts in their credit card information would be paying you. Currently we only integrate with Stripe, it's on the roadmap to add some more integrations later. But this is the only one we currently have.

Walker: Any questions?

Walker: All right. And if you do have any questions about any of these, just drop them in the question section. Then we can circle back at the end of this walkthrough. So customer success, um, so currently we only integrate with Intercom, but this is where if you do have an Intercom account, there's something called an Intercom App ID. So this is where you can drop in your Intercom App ID, save that. And then when someone tries to, within the app, if someone launches a chat through Intercom, that chat would be the right to your Intercom account, not Glew's.

Walker: In billing. This is the billing history that you have as an agency with Glew. So, um, this dummy agency has 50 seats at 15k a month. You can see their utilization, make an update to the credit card here and then you can see your, your invoice history as well. And then lastly, the pricing. So as mentioned, we have the ability to, to allow you guys to collect payments directly for customers using Glew. So we do have kind of the standard Glew pricing model, but if you wanted to use your own custom pricing model, you can select custom pricing model. And then initially when this starts out, there's just an empty tab. But let's say for instance, I wanted to add, I don't know, what's above platinum. Unobtainium. Super awesome, for 600 bucks. So now I've set up four pricing tiers. So as an example, let's say Bonobos.

Walker: Essentially if you go to activate subscription, you could select the payment plan from your custom plan. And then when they subscribe, they'd be paying whatever customer amount you had set. All right. And that covers the seven new areas within app settings. Those are set pricing based on annual revenue. All right, so one question that someone shouted in about setting pricing based on annual revenue. So currently that's how Glew does it. So if you use the Glew default pricing, those values are set based on revenue. For custom pricing, that is not available. That's a, that's a good ask. We can take that to the, to the dev team and look at what that would take to implement.

Walker: Awesome. Are there any other questions? Alrighty. Thank you, Walker. Hey, everyone. This is Jim Fede again. Just want to thank everyone for the time.

Jim: Like I said before, this is recorded so we will share it. For those that are interested in opting in, please go through the normal kind of protocol from a tech support standpoint. And you can do that via email, at support@glew.io. So we hope that, like I said, this was something we were really excited about. Hope you're seeing the value in that and we realize, you know, it's pretty comprehensive and might not be easily to digest all of this all in one sitting. So please feel free to reach out with questions though not all of it might pertain to you. Our hope is that some of it will really give you guys better control, at least from an administrative standpoint to better run your organization. So again, we thank you so much for the time. Don't hesitate to reach out and enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you.