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Getting Started with Glew: Important Things to Know

Before you start your subscription, here are some important things to know.

Highlight Metrics: Grouping Data Uniquely

Go through the Highlights dashboard of Glew and discover the benefits of having data in one platform.

Performance Reporting: KPIs, Revenue by Channel

Dive into the Performance dashboard of Glew and see where Glew expands upon your ecommerce store’s data for meaningful insights.

Customer Insights: Lists & Segments

Walk through Glew’s Customer dashboard to see the available widgets and tools under the Lists and Segment pages.

Customer Insights: Future Value & Lifetime Value

See the breakdown of your customers who have purchased once, twice or multiple times and learn the Lifetime Value of your store.

Product Analytics: Segments, Lists & Categories

Explore the Merchandise data-driven insights available in Glew. We will walk through the four major sections of Merchandise including: Highlights, Products, Individual Product Breakdown and Categories.

Product Analytics: Individual Product Pages

Explore Products data-driven insights available in Glew. We will walk through the Product Detail pages available for every product in your store.

COGS in Glew: Understanding Cost of Goods Sold

Explore the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) dashboard available in Glew. We will answer what COGS means, how to calculate it and why it is important for an ecommerce store. Then we will walk through setting up COGS reporting in Glew.

Reports in Glew: Building Custom Reports

Let’s go through the Reports section of Glew and see how to build a beautiful report quickly. We will also explore Interactive Mode, Document Mode and Full Screen Mode.

Scheduled Reports: Send Now or Later

Learn how Glew can be used to deliver a scheduled report straight to your inbox, see the options for setting up reoccurring reports and discover how this tool can simplify your routine.

Using Glew & MailChimp

Part I: Integrating Your Account
Part II: How to Automatically Push Segments
Part III: Using Merge Tags & Automation

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