March Roundup

Hey, Glew gang! We hope you had a great March. We’re a quarter of the way through the year – how are you tracking towards your 2019 goals? Are there any insights we can help with? Let us know!

A quick request from our team: We have so many amazing users doing cool things and seeing incredible growth on our platform, and we’d love to make it easier to share your stories. If you’re interested in working with us on a case study, or just allowing us to feature you on our site or social media, fill out this form and let us know. We appreciate you!

We’ve been hard at work lately putting together some great educational content to help you make the most out of Glew, and we’re excited to share some of it this month. Read on for more of what’s new in Glew! 👇

New features and updates

  • We added a brand-new table to our Performance Overview tab: Order Source by Channel. This was designed to help stores with multiple sales channels better see their channel breakdown (Note: you’ll only see this table if you use an ecommerce platform that has order sources – that does not include Magento or Salesforce Commerce Cloud). Head to the Performance Overview tab for more information.
  • We also made some big updates to our Net Profit by Channel table on the same tab, adding several new metrics including orders, refunds, discounts, sales tax, AOV and LTV. This table is now fully filterable, too.


  • Thinking about switching email platforms? Just a friendly reminder: we integrate with Klaviyo, Bronto, Dotdigital, Mailchimp and Emma (Glew Plus only).
  • We’ve got a bunch of exciting new integrations on deck: Listrak, Stripe, Quickbooks and Snapchat are all in the final testing phase. Stay tuned for their release!


  • We’ve been working hard on resources that will help you become an ecommerce analytics expert, and we’re excited to announce a new video series: Glew Academy. If you’ve tuned into our webinars, you know that our VP of Sales Mark Miano knows ecommerce reporting, and he’s sharing his top tips in these short videos. Check out our first 4 on ecommerce definitions, LTV, customer segmentation and lapse point.
  • Speaking of lapse point: that’s what this month’s webinar was all about. We went over how lapse point can help you drive customer retention – and where you can find the data to do it in Glew. View the full recording and transcript.
  • Next month, we’ll be hosting a webinar on product LTV. Keep an eye out for an invitation next week!
  • Something just for you: our team’s top 10 favorite reports, plus instructions for exactly how to create them in Glew. (Psst: we just finished a huge guide to creating, automating and scheduling reports in Glew. Need some help with creating reports? Respond to this email and we’ll send it your way!).
  • A reminder: if you have a question, there’s a good chance the answer is in our FAQs. Check them out, and let us know if you have any suggestions!

See you in April! (And don’t forget to let us know if you’d like us to feature you!)

And, read February’s roundup if you missed it.