Cutting Edge Marketing Trends

Cutting Edge Marketing Trends for the 2015 Holiday Rush

Ecommerce shopping will account for nearly half of holiday buying this year. Industry experts predict 46% of holiday shopping will occur online, up from 44% last year.

While that’s great news for ecommerce businesses gearing up for their busiest time of the year, online retail is more competitive than ever when it comes to gaining the attention of online buyers.

The tried-and-true social, search and email tactics may not be enough if you want your ecommerce brand to stand out during the holidays. We suggest adding a few emerging weapons to your marketing arsenal for your biggest two months of the year.

Haul Videos

If you’ve never heard of them, “haul” videos are a sort of show-and-tell for shoppers. The YouTube videos feature shoppers detailing their latest buying spree by showing what they bought, what they like about it, and if they found a deal or sale.

The popularity of haul videos is rapidly growing as a new and trusted form of virtual window shopping. Google reports that videos with the word ‘haul’ in them have been watched more than 1.1 billion times, with a spike during the holiday season.

According to Google, 40% of shoppers who watch “haul” videos will purchase a highlighted product.

There are well known haul video makers, like Alexandrea Garza, who have amassed a large following, and many, not so well known ‘haulers’ who inspire your online customers.

Ecommerce businesses can use the haul video strategy before the holidays to promote products and boost sales. The first step is finding a haul video maker who has a history of featuring the types of products you sell.

Connect with haulers via social media and ask them to feature your product. Some are willing to do it in exchange for keeping the product, while others may charge a fee. Just make sure the relationship is transparent.

Social Media Buy Buttons

Social media platforms are taking a cue from ecommerce giant Amazon when it comes to one or two click buying, and so should you.

Twitter announced just last month it is making it easier for ecommerce businesses to allow shoppers to buy while they tweet.


Twitter struck a deal with three ecommerce service providers, allowing more online retailers to add a “Buy Now” button to their tweets. With the button, buyers will be able to make a purchase with two clicks.

Your social media ‘buy now’ strategy should also include Pinterest, a network that continues to surpass expectations. Pew data shows Pinterest users have doubled since they started tracking such data in 2012.

More importantly for ecommerce businesses, 93% of Pinners have used the platform to plan for purchases, while 87% have gone on to actually make a purchase because of Pinterest.

There are a few recently released Pinterest features you can use to increase holiday sales, the buyable pin and the promoted pin.

Promoted pins are regular pins that are a form of advertising. You pay to have them seen by more people in their Pinterest feed.

A buyable pin makes it easier for pinners to purchase your products while in the Pinterest app. The blue “Buy It” button at the to of the app allows shoppers to close the deal quickly with a credit card or Apple Pay.


Shopping “Moments”

Black Friday shopping marathons aren’t going away anytime soon but they are quickly being replaced by mobile shopping ‘micro-moments’. Google research shows 54% of holiday shoppers plan to shop online using their smartphones during free moments at work, home or while commuting.

Take advantage of the rise of holiday ‘shopping moments’ by making sure your brand is visible when a customer is looking. These strategies are based on companies that have seen success in becoming holiday ready for micro-moments.

1. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile is increasingly the entry point for consumers, think of it as the new entrance to your company. Holiday shoppers will use their smartphones in all parts of the shopping process, from inspiration to research to buying. Make sure to optimize your site for an easy and intuitive mobile shopping experience, including:

  • Responsive website design
  • Simple checkout process to reduce abandoned carts
  • Large and easy to find “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” buttons
  • Fewer images in order to reduce page load time
  • Fast and accurate internal search functions

2. Multi-Channel Presence

Holiday shoppers want to browse and buy on their own terms, across multiple channels. Develop a comprehensive strategy that works across search, video, social and display.

Enhance your multi-channel effectiveness by analyzing and measuring every channel your customer touches. By connecting the dots across channels you can deliver the right experience, in the right context to win the shopping moments that matter the most.

3. Develop Relevant Content

Simply being there when a customer is looking isn’t enough. Analyze how potential buyers are searching, including the questions they ask and terms they use. Then target ads and relevant content that provide helpful answers.

Winning the ecommerce race requires new strategies and tactics and the holiday season is no exception. Use these innovative tactics to help your business achieve ecommerce success this holiday season.

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