What BigCommerce Stores Should Be Excited for in 2017

What BigCommerce Stores Should Be Excited About in 2017

There’s a well known saying in business that says “If you’re not changing, you’re dying”. Ecommerce store owners know this all too well. Staying relevant with buyers and keeping up with the competition requires constant innovation.

If you’re a BigCommerce user, recent updates and up-and-coming features will help your online store keep up with consumer trends and the ever-changing ecommerce marketplace.


eBay Integration

BigCommerce just announced the availability of a new integration that enables merchants to seamlessly list and sell products on eBay, while maintaining the ability to manage inventory and orders through BigCommerce. With more than 150 million active users on eBay, the integration opens up new opportunities for growth for online retailers.

Through the new integration, BigCommerce users can select products from their catalog and begin selling to more than 165 million active buyers on eBay in a matter of minutes.

Store owners can simultaneously sell the same products and inventory across both eBay and their website while easily syncing stock levels and eBay orders within their online store. Streamlined fulfillment and order management also eliminates the need for merchants to manually manage processes across multiple channels.

“The eBay and BigCommerce partnership allows retailers to maximize their online sales while minimizing technical and operational complexity,” says Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce.


Single Interface for Selling on Amazon

In another recent innovation, BigCommerce became the first cloud-based ecommerce platform to natively support selling on Amazon, Facebook and Pinterest from a single interface.

BigCommerce is paying attention to industry trends that show multi-channel selling is the most effective path to growth for ecommerce store owners. The company wanted to make it easier for online store owners adopting strategies to sell on Amazon, the largest online marketplace, and spent a year developing a robust integration.

The recent release allows merchants to review, edit and manage listings for Amazon through BigCommerce’s Channel Manager. Inventory and orders from Amazon are synced in real-time with BigCommerce, which eliminates the risk of overselling or out-of- stock inventory.


Support for Facebook Pixel Installation

BigCommerce recently made available new tools to help online merchants sell more effectively and reach new audiences on Facebook.

BigCommerce developed a new service with Facebook which allows store owners to easily setup and install the Facebook pixel, sync their product catalog and use advanced advertising to drive sales.

Additionally, the company announced it has expanded its support for the Facebook Shop section on Pages, providing merchants the option to let customers checkout directly on Facebook.

The new release allows online store owners to install the Facebook pixel across their websites without the need to manually enter or edit any code. Once installed, merchants can deploy and measure cross-device advertising campaigns using Facebook dynamic ads.


Support for Apple Pay

BigCommerce also announced that its merchants will be among the first to gain access to ApplePay on the web. The feature allows customers to purchase items with a single touch when they shop on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

According to eMarketer, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to eclipse all ecommerce transactions by 2021. With Apple Pay on the web, BigCommerce users can offer their customers a simplified and secure checkout experience that eliminates the need to manually enter payment and shipping details.

“By utilizing Apple Pay on BigCommerce stores, thousands of retailers will benefit from higher conversion rates and provide their customers a best-in-class shopping experience,” says Jimmy Duvall, chief product officer for BigCommerce.


Glew Ecommerce Analytics

BigCommerce stores can now gain access to the advanced reporting, insights and analytics available in Glew. Stores owners can get to the heart of what products are generating revenue, what customers qualify as VIP and more. Click here to read more about the integration.

Glew + BigCommerce

What’s Next?

There is a lot in store for BigCommerce users in 2017. The software company plans to unveil more innovations and integrations throughout the year. Be the first to find out what’s new by signing up for the latest news and innovations here. (Scroll down to “Updates, Never Miss a Post” and enter your email address, then click “Sign Up”.


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