Your Audience is Mobile, Is Your Social Strategy?

Are you reading this on your smartphone? If statistics are any indication, you probably are. Mobile media time surpassed desktop use in 2014 and continues to grow.

Total digital activity:
Mobile – 60%
Desktop – 40%

That’s significant if you’re a digital marketer, which is why a ‘mobile first’ approach is dominating new strategies. Social media marketing has the most to gain from a mobile approach, referred to by many digital marketers as ‘mocial’.

If you don’t have mobile top of mind while crafting your social campaigns, consider the following trends:

  • 70% of social networking behavior takes place on mobile devices
  • There are more than 2.1 billion people worldwide with social media accounts
  • Mobile users are 66% more likely to retweet
  • Pinterest content is shared nearly 3 times more often on mobile than desktop
  • Facebook fan page posts from mobile devices are 39% more engaging

With these stats in mind, savvy digital marketers are capitalizing on the opportunity to reach more customers and convert more leads with the right social + mobile strategy.

Optimizing Social Campaigns for Mobile Users

Because mobile is all about immediacy, time your social ads and campaigns according to when a user would be most likely to take action.

Focus on visual content. Images on the Twitter app, for example, are prominent and appear in multiple aspect ratios. Eye grabbing images will help your content and your brand stand out. For Facebook, consider sharing updates as images and include links in the update text.

Take advantage of mobile ad targeting to boost your social campaign effectiveness. All of the major social networks have updated their ad offerings to be more mobile friendly. For example, Facebook offers marketers mobile-specific ad options, from mobile-only ads to device-specific targeting. Twitter also added mobile specific features for advertisers, including the ability to target by device.

Social and Mobile Marketing Tips

Now what?

So, you’ve implemented strategies for optimizing your social campaigns for mobile devices. How do you know they are working?

The best way to determine the success of your social campaigns is an analytics tool that can track engagement, activity and device type.

Tracking social interactions in Google Analytics is a good start, but a marketing analytics platform that allows you to dig deeper will help you understand if your social campaigns are resonating with mobile users. Advanced marketing tools, for example, can help you track and attribute social media engagements and ad spend to revenue.

Mobile and social marketing have several considerations that are different from traditional digital marketing. Without the right analytics, you won’t be able to segment, understand or target your social efforts. You also risk losing out on the majority of users who are viewing your brand on-the-go.

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