The Top Marketing Trends of the 2016 Holiday Season

The Top Marketing Trends of the 2016 Holiday Season

It’s estimated most ecommerce stores pull in 40% of their annual revenue during the holiday quarter. While the potential for a spike in sales is greater this time of year, so is the competition. The pressure is on the marketing team to get as many shoppers to find your store and fill their online carts.

There’s no need to abandon your tried and true marketing techniques, but the holiday season is a perfect time to use innovative marketing strategies to maximize your sales potential this season.


Use Video or 360 Degree Images

The use of video is growing to become an integral part of marketing strategies for ecommerce stores. Videos can increase to higher average order values and increased conversions. A recent study revealed that 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

Videos also give you an extra boost when it comes to ranking online, they increase the time a shopper spends on your site, and can reduce your rate of returns.

If you haven’t used video before, start with a few of your products that historically perform well during the holidays. Depending on the product, decide if you want to create a general video showing the different angles and features of the item or a product demonstration that shows how it actually works.

Online wallet store Bellroy makes great use of video for its products. Short videos for each wallet demonstrate unique features and how much each wallet can carry.


Another proven conversion booster is using responsive 360 degree images that allow browsers to dynamically view products from every angle.

Magic 360 is an app available on Shopify’s App Store that features a 360 degree product spin and the ability to zoom in and enlarge to full screen. WooCommerce has a 360 image product that allows stores to add image rotation features simply by adding a group of images to a product’s gallery.


Wrap your Content in the Holidays  

During the holidays, content is king for your search performance and conversion rates. It’s important to integrate holiday keywords into all aspects of your copy. There are several areas where your content will need updating with keywords and descriptions geared toward the holidays.


Identify the terms and phrases shoppers will use during the holidays and incorporate them into your landing page copy, such as:

  • Christmas
  • Hanukkah
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Super Saturday
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Gift Ideas

Product descriptions

Add copy to your product descriptions explaining why the product makes a great holiday gift and for who. For example, “Perfect holiday gift for the man in your life who travels a lot” or “Makes a great stocking stuffer for girls.”

Email Campaigns

Customize your email subject lines to grab the attention of holiday shoppers.




Don’t forget to give your pay-per-click campaigns an update for the holidays. For each of your highest performing keywords, consider adding an ad group with words like seasonal, holiday or Christmas to capitalize on search results. Change your ad display to be holiday-focused as well.



Make Products Sharable

Popularity and word of mouth can sell a lot more of your products that the most expensive advertising. Make it easy for your loyal customers to spread the word about their holiday purchases with social share buttons.

Giving buyers the ability to share their favorite products improves your brand awareness with the potential to directly increase traffic and revenue.

If you’re going to use social share buttons, make sure they don’t distract or interfere with a shopper’s purchasing process. It’s a good idea to use wait until the purchase is complete and include share buttons on the confirmation screen.

Amazon follows this model with an easy-to-use social share module that displays on the order confirmation screen.


Don’t confuse your shoppers with too many sharing options on irrelevant social networks. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the most visual networks. And be prepared to test and ask for feedback on your social sharing options after getting started.

The holidays offer their own gift to ecommerce marketers with an influx of eager shoppers. Make the most of your store’s busiest time of year with strategies that help you close out the year on a high note.


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