The Vision of Glew’s Founder, Michael Vadini  

Glew’s founder, Michael Vadini, knows a thing or two about solving problems. In fact, he’s been finding perfectly timed solutions to business challenges his entire career. His newest venture is no exception.

“Where does our energy come from? There’s a problem that every ecommerce store has…and nobody has the extraordinary value proposition to solve it, except for Glew.” Michael Vadini, Glew founder

Vadini’s entrepreneurial success is proof he knows how to spot an opportunity, pinpoint a challenge and build a solution.

Since 1994 Vadini has created, led and sold several companies, with a knack for staying current with transformational technologies of the time, from groupware applications in the 90’s to a global IT consulting and cloud computing firm. Vadini also founded SignUpGenius, an online software tool for event planning.

Vadini says building a software product brings a new set of opportunities. “A product has an exciting horizon, you’re never done. You’re never done making it better, more innovative and growing it for a wider audience,” said Vadini.

Vadini says Glew’s new take on measuring ecommerce performance is the perfect example. Based off of historical averages, data can forecast how a store’s performance is trending. With that level of insight, a marketer or store own can increase or decrease ad spend and make adjustments based off of predicted insights. Glew aims to eliminate the guesswork that is so common in ecommerce and digital marketing today.

The best part is, you don’t need to be a data analyst to forecast with confidence. It’s all built into Glew.

“We have a group of data scientists, working day after day, doing nothing more than focusing on the data and cross channel performance of hundreds of digital sources. The predictive models they develop give ecommerce stores unprecedented insight.”

Vadini adds, “Most stores and marketers we know don’t have the budget for those kinds of resources and tools. That’s what energizes our team at Glew.” Vadini admits there are other analytics tools on the market but says, “you better have a fat wallet and a computer science degree to use them.”

Vadini’s own experience as a business owner provides a useful backdrop in architecting a solution that makes sense for everyone, not just the marketing team.

In his roles as CEO, he said getting performance results took too long and were often too subjective.

“Marketing executives and analysts need deep industry expertise pulled out of big data sources that simplify insights and offer predictive views. There is simply no way to effectively manage the full revenue cycle of an ecommerce store without a product like Glew.”

Glew’s centralized dashboard pulls in valuable data that’s often missed using spreadsheets and traditional tools. That means you can report to the CEO with certainty the ROI on every dollar spent and where to focus for future success.

Adding to Vadini’s insight as a business owner is Glew’s team of experienced veterans in the fields of digital marketing, software development and data science. Vadini credits the expertise, experience and character of the team as the secret to Glew’s success.

Inspired and energized by Vadini, the group works together to develop a state-of-the-art, cost effective solution that allows ecommerce decision makers to be smart about every dollar and every hour spent.

Their goal, to revolutionize the decision making for ecommerce, is what pulled Vadini back into business in the first place.

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