Glew Reporting for Ecommerce

Take a Peek at Glew’s Newest Feature, Reporting

As you begin compiling end-of-year reports and evaluating your store’s performance, we want you to know how easily it can be done in Glew.

Our powerful ecommerce reporting tool is designed specifically for professionals to build high-quality reports quickly. Take a look at the highlight features below:

Interactive Mode

Display your report onscreen in Interactive Mode to retain the ability to hover for more information, filter on specific tables or change the date range. Charts update instantly, in real-time.

Go to: Reports > View > Interactive Mode

Document Mode

Need to have a printed, formal report? Document Mode is designed for reviewing data off of a screen. Our polished reports come with customizable headers and footers and even include a table of contents.

Go to: Reports > View > Document Mode

Full Screen Mode

Create beautiful full-screen reports with the click of a button. Perfect for presentations or review sessions, our full-screen feature means you can customize your report quickly.

Go to: Reports > View > Full Screen

Custom Headers and Footers

Earn that gold star! We know success is in the details, so we’ve added the ability to customize the headers and footers with each report. Now you can wow your clients or boss by delivering a tailored, organized report in a snap.

Go to: Reports > Edit > Title and Description

Interactive Date Picker

Reconfigure your report instantly with the interactive date-picker. Isolate a particularly good week or pull back to see the entire quarter.

Go to: Reports > Find an individual chart > Choose a date from the date-picker in the top right corner

Advanced Filtering

Narrow the scope of your report to filter on: Days of the Week, Channel, Source, Metro and Device. Does your boss want to see how much revenue came from the Southeast over Black Friday? No problem!

Go to: Reports > Find an individual chart > Click on the three dots in the upper right corner > Edit Filters

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