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Price based on subscription length
Annual Revenue Under $1M
$ 2,388 4,298 6,089
for 12 months access
Annual Revenue $1M-$5M
$ 4,788 8,618 12,209
for 12 months access
Annual Revenue $5M-$10M
$ 7,188 12,938 18,329
for 12 months access
Annual Revenue $10M-$15M
$ 9,588 17,258 24,449
for 12 months access

Unlimited Users

Invite your entire team to collaborate on the platform. We don’t limit the number of users you can add to your account.

Unlimited Historical Data

We’ve got you covered whether you just launched your store or you’ve been selling online for years. Import data from as far back as you can get your hands on.

No Hidden Fees

Your monthly price will remain the same throughout the duration of your subscription agreement. No surprise fees here.

Glew Plus

Is your business larger than $15M in annual revenue? Meet Glew Plus.


No other multi-channel ecommerce analytics product matches up with the business intelligence capabilities of Glew Plus. All your data sources, integrations are updated hourly and stored our Glew Intelligent Warehouse, primed and ready for all your visualizations – all on day one.


Glew Plus and Glew Intelligent Warehouse are transforming the capabilities of digital agencies, multi-channel ecommerce sellers, big brands with direct to consumer strategies and traditional B2B companies undertaking digital transformation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Glew has increased our profit by over 20k a month! Using their Zero Purchase customer segment, we sent a 20% off coupon to customers who had never purchased but created an account. The results were amazing! We generated $35,000 in revenue that resulted in $20,000 of profit. Because of this success, we’re building out tailored email strategies with all 20 of Glew’s customer segments and seeing substantial results.”
— Online Apparel Company

Glew Advisory Services

We can get you started and also keep you going. Glew Advisory Services is your answer to filling the gaps of time and talent whenever you need it.


Our data expertise and global delivery capabilities enable us to build and support custom dashboards, analytics and reporting – all tailored to your needs.

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