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Monthly price based on
Annual Revenue Under $1M
$ 199 149 /month
Annual Revenue $1M-$5M
$ 299 225 /month
Annual Revenue $5M-$10M
$ 399 299 /month
Annual Revenue $10M-$15M
$ 499 375 /month

Glew Enterprise

Is your ecommerce business greater than $15M? Contact our sales representatives to learn more about Glew Enterprise Analytics.
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email: sales@glew.io

phone: 980.833.1804

What An Annual Subscription Includes


Pull In All of
Your Data

Analyze data pulled directly from your website and your store management platform to find opportunities for growth. A subscription includes all available integrations without a limit on sources.


Access to All Tools
& Features

Gain access to dozens of reporting dashboards, insight engines, marketing automation capabilities and predictive tools.


Unlimited Users
& Integrations

Invite your entire team to work within the platform without incurring extra fees. Login to Glew on any computer, anywhere without needing to install software.


“Glew has increased our profit by over 20k a month!


Using their Zero Purchase customer segment, we sent a 20% off coupon to customers who had never purchased but created an account. The results were amazing! We generated $35,000 in revenue that resulted in $20,000 of profit. Because of this success, we’re building out tailored email strategies with all 20 of Glew’s customer segments and seeing substantial results.”

Online Apparel Company & Glew Customer


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