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WooCommerce Analytics & Advanced Reporting

Get all the data you need to make more informed decisions with insights to help you drive sales, improve retention, and grow your store. Glew integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, Google Analytics, and marketing platforms to deliver informative cross-channel analytics and advanced reporting for online stores. Whether you’re planning your budget, optimizing campaigns, or evaluating sales performance, Glew gives you unparalleled insights to drive growth and streamlines WooCommerce reporting.

Ecommerce Analytics For WooCommerce

We want you to be blown away when you log in to Glew. Efficiently explore hundreds of insights spanning performance, customers, product sales, and cost of goods sold. Our modern and intuitive software is easy to use and integrates with your ecommerce channels in just minutes.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Uncover opportunities to target your best customers, or to win back At Risk or Lost customers. Pinpoint your Customer Acquisition Cost to maximize your channel and campaign performance. Learn more ›

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Bring together information from your ecommerce platform, analytics tools and advertising sources to help you understand key performance indicators across your business and maximize your store’s profitability. Learn more ›

Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Generate insights that drive revenue growth. From bundling to product profitability, Glew gives you the tools needed to evaluate historical data and identify actionable merchandising opportunities. Learn more ›

Active, At Risk and Lost Customers

WooCommerce Customer Reports & Insights

Glew provides powerful customer analytics and insights that empower you to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Leveraging customer data to your advantage isn’t always easy. Aggregating, analyzing, and acting on customer sales and behavior data is both difficult and time consuming if you haven’t integrated WooCommerce with your marketing and analytics tools. Glew seamlessly connects the dots between your ecommerce store, Google Analytics, AdWords, Mailchimp and more – giving you a clear picture of the buyer journey from the first visit through your cart and checkout. We also make it easy for you to segment and export customer lists based on criteria like purchase frequency, lifetime value, and more.


With Glew, you’ll be able to uncover customer relationships and metrics that are key to understanding your ecommerce store’s performance. Our software automatically calculates your Active, At Risk and Lost Customer segments through a proprietary metric called Lapse Point. Lapse Point looks at the average number of days that it takes for a customer who purchased once to repurchase. Every store’s buying cycle varies, so every store’s Lapse Point is unique. What’s more, you’ll be able to identify the window of opportunity for re-engaging an Active Customer before it is improbable that they will buy again.

Slice Merchandise Data To Root Out Hidden Revenue

Any time a product is evaluated through a different lens, you learn something new. Our Merchandise dashboards present a flexible view of product sales data in order to find actionable-takeaways and report on performance.


Glew’s product analytics dashboards help you answer important questions about your merchandise and product bundles. What products in your store are most often reordered? What products previously sold easily and now have gone stagnant? Do you make more profit by selling dozens of low-margin items or by selling a few high-margin items? Glew provides answers to these questions and more. By measuring the unique trends and metrics associated with each product in your store, you can tailor your selling approach for each item and uncover revenue opportunities hiding in your data.

Multichannel Performance And Sales Reports

We aren’t here to add to the noise; Glew unifies your data and helps uncover opportunities for ecommerce growth.

Previously, in order to see channel performance, you had to switch between Google Analytics, social dashboards and WooCommerce ecommerce analytics. This leads to data-dead ends. How can you track the path of performance when all of your data is dispersed?


Glew uncovers, combines and simplifies reporting from all three major data-hubs. Our ecommerce analytics dashboards tie together previously siloed data and allow for reporting in a central location.


With Glew, you can not only see Advertising Spend by Channel, but you can find Revenue by Channel and Profit Margins by Channel. Now you can begin with data from the start of the sales funnel and track ecommerce performance all the way to your bottom-line.

Performance Reporting in Glew

WooCommerce Analytics Tracking with Glew

Glew’s integration for WooCommerce greatly enhances what you can track and analyze compared to Woo’s native analytics offering. The best part? All of this data is behind your WooCommerce ecommerce tracking already, Glew just unlocks it for you. This means you don’t have to add additional tracking codes or install another WordPress plugin on your site to gain all these insights. Crucially, Glew is compatible with every version of WordPress and is not affected by themes.

Glew Metrics

Glew Customer Metrics

Glew’s Ecommerce Merchandise Reporting


  High Gross Margin

  High Volume

  Most Profitability

  Hot Products

  Top from Paid Search

  Top from PLA

  Top from Organic Search

  Top from Email

  Top from Social

  Most Reordered Products

  Top Products Bundled

  Discounted Products

  Cold Products

  Most Refunded

  Most Abandoned Products

  Nearly Out of Stock

  Quantity Available

  Quantity Sold

✓   Quantity Left

  Revenue by Product

  Gross Profit by Product

  Refunded by Product

  Average Price by Product

  Best Bundles by Revenue

  Best Bundles by Volume

  Inventory Velocity by Product

  Average Price by Product

Integrating Glew and WooCommerce

Integrating Glew’s Ecommerce Tracking For WooCommerce Is Fast And Simple

Glew integrates with your WooCommerce store in minutes, and setup does not require advanced IT knowledge or programming skills. If you have any questions, contact our Client Success team. We’re here to help you in any way we can!

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