and Glew: Connect Your Rewards Program Data is a leading rewards program platform for ecommerce, powering rewards programs for 20,000 merchants around the world. With Smile, stores can create and manage point systems to drive customer loyalty, reward referrals from existing customers, and develop gamified experiences with a tiered VIP program.

With Glew's Smile integration, you can see your rewards program data down to the individual customer level, create customer segments based on things like reward points value, see lifetime value and average order value by reward program segment and more.

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Filter your customers by reward point value

Connect your ecommerce data with your rewards data for powerful insights

  • Sync your Smile data automatically every hour
  • See rewards program information down to the customer level
  • Create custom segments based on rewards program usage
  • See metrics like average order value and lifetime value by rewards program segment
  • Develop unique marketing and product strategies for different rewards program segments

The tools you need to grow, built into every Smile integration

  • Powerful Ecommerce Reporting

    See your Smile data alongside your other key ecommerce data, filter and segment to create custom reports and set up alerts.

  • Simple, Beautiful Visualizations

    Get access to simple, user-friendly visualizations, making reporting on your ecommerce and rewards program data easy.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Combine your Smile data and other key ecommerce metrics to create automated reports that send daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Always in Sync

    Your Smile data syncs hourly with our API. You'll always have access to the most recent numbers, with no effort on your part.

  • Unlimited Historical Data

    Glew allows you to sync as much historical data as you want, for month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons.

  • Unlimited Users

    We believe the more access to data, the better. Add as many users as you want to your account.

Frequently asked questions about Smile and Glew

  • How do I integrate Smile with Glew?

    It's easy to integrate your Smile data with Glew. Once you're set up in Glew, you'll go to store settings and select Then, you'll need to log into your Smile account to get your API keys. Add your API keys to Glew, and your data will be ready to import.

  • What Smile data is available in Glew?

    Right now, Glew is pulling in reward point value for individual customers. More data, including VIP tier and reward program status, is coming soon.

  • How can I use Smile data in Glew?

    Smile data will show up in the Customers section of Glew, on the All Customers table. There, you'll be able to see reward program data down to the customer level, create custom segments based on reward points (i.e., people with more than 50,000 points or people with less than 10,000 points), and see metrics like average order value and lifetime value by reward segment. This data can help you optimize your reward program, as well as develop unique strategies for different customer segments.

  • I'm a Smile user and I'm interested in Glew. How do I get started?

    Great! If you're a current Smile user and you want to test Glew out, you can sign up for a 10-day free trial of Glew - you'll be able to connect your Smile account and explore all our features during that window. Start your free trial below, or click the chat window to get in touch with our team!

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