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Shopify Analytics & Advanced Reports

Integrate your Shopify store and other marketing data in minutes – without adding a single line of code to your website. Glew is the only Shopify analytics app you’ll need to unify the ecommerce data from your store with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and other marketing channels.
Automate advanced Shopify reports that deliver insights across marketing channels, products, customers, and more. Glew’s multichannel ecommerce dashboard is designed to help you grow your business while saving you time on analytics and business intelligence.

Affordable and Actionable Ecommerce Analytics For Shopify Stores

We want you to be blown away when you log in to Glew. Our modern, clean design is easy to use and quick to install. Glew has hundreds of insights spread out over five areas of focus: Performance, Customers, Merchandise, Cost of Goods Sold and Reports.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Uncover opportunities to target your best customers, or to win back At Risk or Lost customers. Pinpoint your Customer Acquisition Cost to maximize your channel and campaign performance. Learn more ›

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Bring together information from your ecommerce platform, analytics tools and advertising sources to help you understand key performance indicators across your business and maximize your store’s profitability. Learn more ›

Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Generate insights that drive revenue growth. From bundling to product profitability, Glew gives you the tools needed to evaluate historical data and identify actionable merchandising opportunities. Learn more ›

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