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Shopify Plus Reporting, Cost of Goods Sold Data, and Profitability Insights

Shopify Plus and Glew

See Shopify Plus analytics surrounding your products, customer data and store performance. Glew is an ecommerce analytics tool designed with five main sections: Highlights, Customers, Products, COGS and Scheduled Reports. Learn how using a tool like Glew can help you maximize profitability, understand customer purchasing behavior and optimize product strategy.

Glew Ecommerce Reporting

Shopify Plus Stores Gain Access to Over 200 Ecommerce Metrics

Glew pulls together data from Shopify Plus, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, AdRoll, and MailChimp. Centralizing data allows Glew to match performance data to customers, channel data to profitability and product data to customer lifetime value.

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Connect your ecommerce platform, Google Analytics and advertising sources to help you understand key performance indicators across your business and maximize your store’s profitability. Learn more ›

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Uncover opportunities to target your best customers, or to win back At Risk or Lost customers. Pinpoint your Customer Acquisition Cost to maximize your channel and campaign performance. Learn more ›

Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Generate insights that drive revenue growth. From bundling to product profitability, Glew gives you the tools needed to evaluate historical data and identify actionable merchandising opportunities. Learn more ›

Use Customer Purchasing Behavior to Your Advantage

Glew finds Customer Lifetime Value, Average Time Between Purchases, and 25+ unique customer segments. Plus each customer gets a customer profile with sales history and suggested products.
Knowing how a customer shops from you store is vital information. How many customers have purchased once, twice, four or more times? What does a typical customer spend in their lifetime at your store? Glew helps you isolate and find customer information you can’t get anywhere else.


Use our customer insights to tailor your sales strategy. Target customers who have only purchased once and encourage them to shop again. Segment the customers who shop most frequently in  your store and see what products they most commonly purchase. Use that data to inform your email campaigns.


Glew’s customer detail pages allow you to lookup customers in your store and see their shopping history. Find out how many order they have placed, what channel they originally came from and what products they should be marketed.

Customer Insights in Glew

Product Analytics: Segments, Lists & Categories

It’s never been easier to compare product metrics across your entire store.

Products can quickly be compared and sorted across all products in your store. See how specific products drive the most Revenue, Gross Profit, Refunds and more. Input your Cost of Goods Sold data to find profitability and manage COGS information. Glew also allows you to filter by Variant or by Configurable.

Product Analytics: Individual Product Pages

Find in-depth stats and trends around each product in your store.

Drill down into each product or SKU in your store and see an in-depth view of performance. Compare Variant vs. Variant performance to understand which sizes and colors are out selling. Use our Sales and Inventory line graphs to find product trends. Glew’s individual product detail pages are unlike any other reporting tool.

Performance Reporting to that Always Displays Helpful Comparative Metrics

It’s hard to know how you are doing without any context. Glew’s Highlight dashboard allows you to slice and dice your data differently while always showing comparisons.
Glew’s Highlight dashboard covers Revenue, Gross Profit, Orders, Products Sold, Average Order Value, Refunded, Visits and Conversion Rate.


Each metric shows performance from Today, This Week, This Month and This Year. Alongside each metric is a percentage up or down that shows Period over Period change. So when you are looking at Gross Profit for “This Week” there will be a percentage change from the week prior.


You can isolate a specific date range and group data to be Cumulative, Group by Day, Group by Week, Group by Month, Group by Day of Week or Group by Time of Day.

Highlight Comparative Metrics

Get Out of Standard Reporting and Into the Hundreds of Metrics Available for Shopify Plus Stores

Stores operate more efficiently when they have all of the correct information. See all of the metrics offered in Glew and get started on your free trial.

Glew Metrics

Glew Customer Metrics

Review Glew’s Product Segments, Insights Per Product and Analytics Per Category


  High Gross Margin

  High Volume

  Most Profitability

  Hot Products

  Top from Paid Search

  Top from PLA

  Top from Organic Search

  Top from Email

  Top from Social

  Most Reordered Products

  Top Products Bundled

  Discounted Products

  Cold Products

  Most Refunded

  Most Abandoned Products

  Nearly Out of Stock

  Quantity Available

  Quantity Sold

 Quantity Left

  Revenue by Product

  Gross Profit by Product

  Refunded by Product

  Average Price by Product

  Best Bundles by Revenue

  Best Bundles by Volume

  Inventory Velocity by Product

  Average Price by Product

Integrate in Minutes with Your Shopify Plus Credentials

Our team put time and money into building a seamless integration. Glew never sends data to your online store or slows down production. We are trusted by international brands around the world and offer currency options for the US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen and Indian Rupee.

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