Eliminate Data Silos with Seamless Affiliate Program Integration

Glew’s integration with Pepperjam’s Ascend™ enables brands to integrate affiliate marketing lifecycle data into their reporting source of truth. By incorporating key affiliate marketing metrics such as publisher, group, creative, transaction and item levels, brands can easily evaluate performance marketing results as part of their overall marketing mix. 

If you’re a brand seeking a cost-effective way to subsidize your primary sales and marketing channels, learn more about AscendIf you’re currently on Ascend, schedule a demo to see how Glew and Pepperjam work together.

Create operating leverage by integrating affiliate marketing data into your reporting source of truth

  • Drive measurable growth by uncovering actionable affiliate marketing insights that makes your presence across the purchase path scalable.
  • Evaluate performance marketing results as a part of the holistic marketing ecosystem
  • Eliminate black boxes with an hourly automated sync of your Ascend data 
  • Access analytics deep-dives that enable data-driven decisions and fuel growth
Custom channel performance reports in Glew

The tools you need to grow, built into every integration

  • Powerful Marketing Reporting

    See your Ascend data alongside your other marketing channels to make data-driven decisions that turn your advertising into a profit center

  • Simplified Visualizations

    Evaluate your digital portfolio performance with easily digestible, user-friendly visualizations that make reporting easy.

  • Scheduled Reports

    Automate report delivery for a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

  • Always in Sync

    Receive hourly data syncs with our API so that you’ll always have access to the most recent numbers, with no effort on your part.

  • Unlimited Historical Data

    Analyze historical data with customizable comparison periods, including month-over-month and year-over-year.

  • Unlimited Users

    Take advantage of unlimited users to allow account access at your discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I integrate Pepperjam’s Ascend with Glew?
    Once your store is set up in Glew, visit Store Settings and select Pepperjam from the integrations list. Then, get your Pepperjam API Key and API Version by logging into Ascend > Resources > API Keys. Add your API Key to Glew and follow the rest of the steps for the integration listed in Store Settings to complete.
  • What Pepperjam data is aggregated in Glew?
    Creative, publisher, group, transaction, and item level data from Pepperjam’s Ascend is available in Glew for custom report creation.
  • How can I use Pepperjam data in Glew?
    Pepperjam data is available to Glew Plus subscribers for custom report creation through Mode, Google Data Studio or your BI tool of choice. Your custom reports can be accessed directly in Glew.io via BI Tunnel or through the Glew Enterprise app.
  • What Glew subscription do I need to use the Pepperjam integration?
    Glew's Pepperjam integration is available for Glew Plus and Glew Enterprise subscribers.
  • I’m a Pepperjam user and I’m interested in Glew. How do I get started?
    Great! If you're a Pepperjam user and you're interested in learning more about Glew, just schedule a demo with our team to discuss your reporting needs and learn more about Glew's Pepperjam integration.
  • I’m a Glew user and I’m interested in Pepperjam. How do I get started?
    If you are a brand seeking a cost-effective alternative to subsidize your primary sales and marketing channels, learn more about Ascend.

Ready to get started with Glew and Pepperjam?

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