NetSuite Business Intelligence With Glew Enterprise

NetSuite is the leading provider of cloud ERP and business management software for over 40,000 organizations worldwide. Glew Enterprise accelerates your time to value by simplifying NetSuite business intelligence, analytics, and reporting. With Glew Enterprise, you can seamlessly unify and visualize data from NetSuite alongside metrics from all your marketing channels, CRM platform, and dozens of other tools that you use to run your business.

From NetSuite analytics and BI dashboards to multi-channel report customization, Glew Enterprise provides you with a fully integrated and user-friendly solution that delivers actionable business intelligence for NetSuite.

Easily connect NetSuite to your BI tool for advanced analysis and reporting.

  • Automatically sync your NetSuite data every hour without lifting a finger.
  • Take advantage of our full-service ETL process so you're primed for custom SQL queries in minutes.
  • Create customized reports that provide actionable insights for your entire team.
  • Save time on NetSuite reporting with prebuilt QuickStart visualizations.
  • Easily connect all of your ERP data from NetSuite with your marketing channels, CRM platform, and any other source of business data.

Designed to help you grow with confidence.

  • Glew Enterprise QuickStart

    Prebuilt QuickStart visualizations for Netsuite reporting and analysis

  • Glew Intelligent Warehouse

    All of your data sources in one centralized warehouse, primed and ready for custom queries and data visualizations

  • Time to Value (T2V)

    Set up takes 5 minutes and we mean it. All you need to do is authenticate NetSuite and your other data sources.

  • Always In Sync

    Your NetSuite data syncs hourly via our API. It simply works and is effortless on your part.

  • Enterprise Security

    Glew Enterprise complies with industry standard best practices for security rules. We utilize a full range of AWS security services and features to protect your data and assets in the AWS cloud.

  • Built To Scale

    Glew Enterprise is built to handle billions of rows of data and we don’t impose data limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Glew Enterprise still a useful BI solution for me if I have another BI tool?

    Yes! Glew Enterprise integrates with your BI dashboard by providing a data pipeline with automated ETL and data normalization so that it’s prepped, primed and ready for any of the visualizations you want to bring up.

  • What NetSuite data is available to pull?

    We currently can pull in over 290 individual data points across the following categories: Accounts, Contacts, Coupons, Customers, Customer Category, Status, Departments, Employees, Items, Inventory, Items, Location, Partners, Payroll, Promo Codes, Refunds, Refund Items, Subsidiary, Location, Timesheets, Billable Time, Transactions, Transaction Line Items, Vendors.

    Please contact our sales team via the messenger to gain access to our full data dictionary.

  • What customer information can you get from Glew’s CRM tools?

    Glew Enterprise measures the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer by tracking their purchasing history and patterns. Our innovative First Order Attribution system lets you always know how customers originally got to your site (no matter how they arrive later), while advanced customer segmentation with KPI’s allows you to know your customers’ shopping habits and adapt your marketing campaigns accordingly.

  • How does Glew Enterprise complement NetSuite?

    Since NetSuite's built-in analytics only provides you with built-in data points, it is extremely difficult to directly connect NetSuite with any of the BI tools on the market. With Glew Enterprise, however, you can easily integrate your NetSuite data with other BI tools such as Tableau and Periscope.

  • What is the ETL process and how does Glew Enterprise work to automate it?

    In Search Query Language (SQL), ETL stands for “Extract, Transform, Load”, and refers to the process in which data is collected from various sources, transformed into compatible formats based on pre-determined specifications or requirements, and then loaded to a database. Glew’s data scientists and engineers work tirelessly to make this process as fast and as seamless as possible, giving you instant results.

  • Will I have to do any additional coding or database management tasks to like Glew Enterprise or another BI tool to my NetSuite account?

    No, the Glew team takes care of everything for you! We pride ourselves on having the most user friendly Business Intelligence platform on the market, allowing our clients to avoid the hassle of database integration altogether and focus on expanding their customer base and selling more products!