Glew Integrates Directly with Mailchimp to Give You Unparalleled Segmentation & Personalization

How Does Glew Use Mailchimp Data?

Email remains a pillar of ecommerce marketing success. A healthy email strategy can increase your repeat purchase rate, lower customer acquisition costs and foster customer loyalty. Email is also a great channel for personalized messaging to customers. And Glew can help you tailor messages to market more efficiently to customers.


Research shows that companies sending customized emails generate a 51% increase in email opens and a 26% increase in conversion rate. Customization allows you to address a customer by first name, send product recommendations based on shopping history and remind customers to keep shopping when they abandon a cart. Glew provides all of this data on a per-customer basis and pushes 20+ pre-defined customer segments directly into individual lists in Mailchimp. Send unique campaigns to customers who never purchase with a discount, or tailor a message to customers who haven’t purchased in the last three months. Glew provides you with the data and tools needed to maximize returns on email campaigns.

Mailchimp Data Contributes To:

  • Revenue by Channel
  • Gross Profit by Channel
  • Net Profit by Channel
  • Sales Margin by Channel
  • Advertising Spend by Channel
  • Profit Margin by Channel
  • Customers by Channel
  • Repeat Customers by Channel
  • Return on Ad Spend by Channel
  • New Customer Acq. Cost by Channel
  • Profit Per New Customer by Channel
  • Top Merchandise From Referrer
  • Data Available Per Glew Segment:
  • Total Emails Sent
  • Revenue from Email
  • Average Open Rate
  • Average Click Through Rate
  • Average Conversion Rate
  • Data Available Per Campaign:
  • Emails Sent
  • Open Rate
  • Click Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Send Date

Automatically Push Customer Segments into Mailchimp

For each customer pushed into Mailchimp, you can access merge tags for their last purchase, their abandoned cart items, and the top three product recommendations for that customer. Glew imports product name, image and URL for each of these products. This allows you to send personalized, precise campaigns to every customer in your store, increasing the odds of conversion from each campaign.


Glew can also be used to track campaign performance, showing you the Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate and Revenue earned from each email. Monitor which campaigns are driving sales without having to check multiple dashboards, with your data centralized in one place.

See How Glew Uses MailChimp

Connect Mailchimp and Glew in Minutes

Connecting Glew with your Mailchimp account is straightforward and easy. All you need is your Mailchimp username and password. Just type in your credentials and Glew does the rest.

Use Customer Segments to Drive Revenue

Marketing to First Purchase Customers

First Purchase Segment

A customer who has only purchased once has a 27% chance of making a repeat purchase, while someone who has made three purchases has a 54% chance of making a fourth. Our First Purchase segment allows you to target those customers who have only made a single purchase to encourage them to keep buying. Offer these customers a “buy more and save” discount to get their repeat business.

Tip for AdRoll Success

Low AOV Segment

Increasing your store’s Average Order Value can have a positive effect on your revenue and can increase your customer Lifetime Value.  Our Low AOV segment is a great candidate for sending product suggestions that can boost AOV. We recommend looking at the products associated with the Low AOV segment in the products tab, then using our bundle suggestions to create an email that features those bundles.

Strategies for VIP Customers

VIP Customer Segment

VIP customers generate the most revenue for your store. Losing one can be very costly! To prevent this, we’ve made it easy to find those VIP Customers who are At Risk or are Lost. We recommend offering loyalty discounts to these customers. Don’t think of the discount as eating into your profit, think of the positive gain in Lifetime Value for winning them back.

Market Differently To Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

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