Glew Has Advanced Magento Reporting

Glew Offers Advanced Magento Reporting & Magento 2.0 Reporting

Out-of-the-box Magento ecommerce tracking leaves much to be desired. By relying only on Magento’s analytics for ecommerce, you are missing out on important data. While you can drill into data on an individual basis in Magento reporting, you cannot see high-level trends like Average Time Between Purchases. This means you are lacking data needed to guide strategy. Similarly for merchandise, it’s hard to clearly see what is and is not driving growth. Magento analytics fails to include data on social performance, nor does it show the profitability of each marketing channel. In order to access this data you need to constantly jump from Magento to Google Analytics. By evaluating silos of data, you struggle to bridge the customer journey.

Glew's Advanced Ecommerce Analytics

Glew Offers Advanced Analytics For Magento & Magento 2.0

We want you to be blown away when you log in to Glew. Our modern, clean design is easy to use and quick to install. Glew has hundreds of insights spread out over five areas of focus: Performance, Customers, Merchandise, Cost of Goods Sold and Reports.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Uncover opportunities to target your best customers, or to win back At Risk or Lost customers. Pinpoint your Customer Acquisition Cost to maximize your channel and campaign performance. Learn more ›

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Bring together information from your ecommerce platform, analytics tools and advertising sources to help you understand key performance indicators across your business and maximize your store’s profitability. Learn more ›

Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Generate insights that drive revenue growth. From bundling to product profitability, Glew gives you the tools needed to evaluate historical data and identify actionable merchandising opportunities. Learn more ›

Do You Know Your Customers?

Glew offers 25+ Customer Segments so you can better know your audience.

Our Customer analytics break down your store’s customers by New vs. Repeat, Purchase Frequency, Active, At Risk, Lost, and more.


Retrieving this data from ecommerce tracking in Magento requires advanced SQL query knowledge. It’s tricky to get for even a seasoned data analyst. But you don’t have to know how to get there, leave that to Glew.


After analyzing the breakdown of purchase behavior, you can export each list into a CSV file and upload that file into your email platform or integrate with MailChimp to push lists automatically. Then you can target these groups with finite precision. Reporting with Magento analytics has never been easier!

See Your Merchandise In A Whole New Light

Glew’s Merchandise analytics provide powerful ecommerce reports designed to highlight product performance with actionable take-aways.


Discover which products are driving revenue to your store and which products are draining profit. Glew provides over 20 specific “highlights” including: Top Products from Organic Search, Most Refunded and Most Abandoned Products.


Glew also offers powerful Product Bundling recommendations. We use Magento analytics and data to find products that are most often purchased together, then we display those insights for every product. Bundling is a lucrative strategy that can increase your bottom line, and is one way to guide your ecommerce strategy using data.

Uncover Your Most Profitable Channels

Glew’s goal is simple: uncover, combine and simplify your ecommerce data.

Data-mining in Google Analytics can be daunting. Furthermore, how can you gauge true performance when you cannot tie channel performance to sales? Glew combines data from Google Analytics, Magento ecommerce tracking and your advertising channels and then simplifies the take-aways.


Using Glew to measure performance means you have an analytics dashboard designed with ecommerce in mind. Glew doesn’t waste time on vanity metrics such as followers or visitors; we get straight to how channels are increasing your bottom line. Looking for Gross Profit? Done. Want to see Revenue by Channel by Device? Done.


Spend less time pulling this scattered data together, and more time making money.

Ecommerce Tracking In Magento vs. Glew’s Advanced Ecommerce Tracking

Glew expands upon the ecommerce tracking provided in Magento & Magento 2.0 to offer insights that are otherwise hidden. We let our metrics do the talking. Take a look at the limited amount of customer reporting available in Magento versus what Glew’s Customer dashboard provides.

Magento Metrics

Glew Metrics

Glew Customer Metrics

Glew’s Ecommerce Customer Insights

  Zero Purchases

  One Purchase

  Two Purchases

  Multiple Purchases

  Active Customers

  At Risk Customers

  Lost Customers

  Total Customers

  New vs. Repeat Ratio

  Lifetime Value (LTV)

  Repeat Customer Rate

  Customers by Channel

  Revenue by Channel

  Purchase Frequency

  Relationship Length

  Ad Spend by Channel

  Repeat Customers by Channel

  Return on Ad Spend by Channel

  Average Time Between Purchases

  New Customer Acq. Cost by Channel

  Profit Per New Customer by Channel

Glew + Magento

A Fast And Flexible Integration on Magento Connect or Using the Glew Extension Download

Integrate quickly by using the Glew extension found in Magento Connect. We recommend this route for the majority of our subscribers because it is fast, controlled and safe. Larger Magento stores that have a developer on staff sometimes prefer installing through the FTP route. We understand! Glew is also available through an extension download outside of Magento Connect.

5 Star Rating on Magento Connect

Glew is a great tool for pulling all of our ecommerce data into one place. It's easy to use, easy to integrate, and their support is top-notch. They've been consistently improving the product and releasing new features since we signed up, so I'm sure it's just going to continue to get better.
Great Tool, Great SupportMagento Connect Review
The Glew extension was the tool we were looking for to address critical business reporting questions that Google Analytics and Magento alone could not answer. There are so many BI tools on the market - this reporting tool/dashboard is easy to implement and see immediate reporting that merges Magento and Google Analytics data.
Outstanding Reporting ExtensionMagento Connect Review
Highly recommended! The Glew extension offers us analytics that we can't get anywhere else. We've used them for everything from purchasing, to merchandising, and just recently ran a marketing campaign targeted to our Lost Customers that was extremely successful. I can't recommend this product enough.
Awesome Analytics!Magento Connect Review

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