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Glew Integrates Directly with Google Analytics to Generate More Revenue

How Does Glew Expand Upon Google Analytics?

Glew pulls this data from Google Analytics and then sources each customer back to the original sale. For example, if a customer buys three different times and the first sale came through Paid Search while the second and third derived from Direct Traffic, then Glew would attribute the Revenue from all three sales to Paid Search.


Why is this important? It highlights how you gained a customer, where they initially came in from and how much that channel is worth to your store in the long run.


The Performance KPI section combines data from your ecommerce platform with major advertising channels to show true performance. Finding out Revenue by Channel can be time consuming and laborious in Google Analytics. Previously reaching this data meant days of compiling and scouring Excel spreadsheet–and cross-checking multiple dashboards.


This is where Glew turns data into decisions.

Google Analytics Contributes To:

  • Revenue by Channel
  • Gross Profit by Channel
  • Net Profit by Channel
  • Sales Margin by Channel
  • Advertising Spend by Channel
  • Profit Margin by Channel
  • Customers by Channel
  • Repeat Customers by Channel
  • Return on Ad Spend by Channel
  • New Customer Acq. Cost by Channel
  • Profit Per New Customer by Channel
  • Top Merchandise From Referrer

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