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How Does Glew Use Google Adwords Data?

Often times Adwords insights are highly scrutinized in a siloed fashion. Marketers are heavily invested in finding ROI for paid search, so you spend a lot of time working within your Adwords account.


The value that Glew adds to these insights is allowing for multiple sources to be shown (so you can see how they are working in conjunction or isolate a specific source) and also have organic search comparisons one-click away. But the biggest value for Glew users is that by in housing your data on one platform, you can unlock cross-channel capabilities and monitor initiatives that pull-in data from multiple channels.

Google Adwords Data Contributes To:

  • Revenue by Channel
  • Gross Profit by Channel
  • Net Profit by Channel
  • Sales Margin by Channel
  • Advertising Spend by Channel
  • Profit Margin by Channel
  • Customers by Channel
  • Repeat Customers by Channel
  • Return on Ad Spend by Channel
  • New Customer Acq. Cost by Channel
  • Profit Per New Customer by Channel
  • Top Merchandise From Referrer

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