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Glew Integrates Directly with Bing Ads
for Expanded Insights

How Does Glew Use Bing Ads Data?

Paid Search is the bedrock of media advertising. A strong Paid Search strategy can lift a company from successful to thriving. It’s expensive, so it’s necessary to make decisions with the most information as possible. By slicing data from a different perspective, you can better understand how Paid and Organic efforts work together for Lifetime Value.


Pinpoint the revenue earned from your Bing advertisements. Breakdown Evaluate the purchase behavior to see the percentages of customers who are New vs. Repeat and Purchase Behavior when they buy from a Bing Ad.

Bing Ads Data Contributes To:

  • Revenue by Channel
  • Gross Profit by Channel
  • Net Profit by Channel
  • Sales Margin by Channel
  • Advertising Spend by Channel
  • Profit Margin by Channel
  • Customers by Channel
  • Repeat Customers by Channel
  • Return on Ad Spend by Channel
  • New Customer Acq. Cost by Channel
  • Profit Per New Customer by Channel
  • Top Merchandise From Referrer

Glew Uses Bing Data to Find More Profits

Resources for Accurate Attribution

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