Glew Integrates Directly with AdRoll
for Expanded Insights

How Does Glew Use AdRoll Data?

Glew’s goal is simple — to uncover, combine and simplify data.


In order to combine data, Glew pulls information from three main sources, including your ecommerce platform, analytics account and advertising sources. AdRoll falls into that third layer of advertising data. By pulling in analytics related to your retargeting efforts, Glew showcases an accurate report of performance that factors in advertising spend and profitability.


Getting out of data siloes is the first step towards a cohesive data-driven strategy for ecommerce growth.

AdRoll Data Contributes To:

  • Revenue by Channel
  • Gross Profit by Channel
  • Net Profit by Channel
  • Sales Margin by Channel
  • Advertising Spend by Channel
  • Profit Margin by Channel
  • Customers by Channel
  • Repeat Customers by Channel
  • Return on Ad Spend by Channel
  • New Customer Acq. Cost by Channel
  • Profit Per New Customer by Channel
  • Top Merchandise From Referrer

Glew Pulls Data from Your Ecommerce Platform, Analytics Account and Advertising Sources

Tips to See Maximum ROI from AdRoll

Tip for AdRoll Success

Everyone Loves
Receiving Discounts

If a prospect has navigated away from your site, win them back by incentivizing them with a promo code. Even better, set an end date to create a sense of urgency that will get them to act fast.

Tip for AdRoll Success

Avoid Retargeting
Low Margin Items

Bids on low gross margin products will quickly erode profitability, leaving you with little to no cash flow to your bottom line. Instead, use retargeting for high margin items so you can win transactions that will noticeably contribute to your cash balance.

Tip for AdRoll Success

Don’t Be Generic
In Your Ads

Successful conversions come from highly segmented ads. The more accurately your ads reflect the item or category a prospect viewed, the higher your chance of reengagement.

Resources for Accurate AdRoll Attribution

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