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Multichannel Ecommerce Dashboard

Glew’s ecommerce dashboard unifies all your sales, product analytics, and customer data, giving you a complete view of ecommerce and marketing performance.

The Best Dashboard For Ecommerce

Ecommerce analytics and reporting doesn’t have to be complicated. Glew’s intuitive dashboard does the heavy lifting for you. Easily see all the metrics that matter, automate reporting, and become a data rockstar.




Tailor Channel And Device Strategy

Bring your most profitable marketing opportunities to life by understanding product volume and profitability by channel and device.

Increase Your Average Order Value

Use bundling recommendations to see products that are frequently purchased together. Increase the number of items sold in a single order and watch your average order value grow.

Target Individual Customer Segments

Segmented campaigns can increase revenue by as much as 760%. Personalize your selling strategy based on attributes unique to each customer such as VIP Customers, Value Shoppers, Most Active Customers and more.




Segment Products To Understand Strategic Needs For Each Type Of Product

Product categorizations provide you with an understanding of products that are cold, hot, or that are generating the most cash for your store. Use this information to create accurate and reliable product marketing strategies.

Generate More Repeat Purchases

View and manage new customers to increase the odds that they return for a second purchase.

Track Your Inventory And Manage Seasonal Fluctuations

Prepare inventory for peak sales periods to make sure your hottest products are flying off the shelf.


One Central Dashboard for Every Facet of Your Ecommerce Business

Customer Insights

Access metrics that group customers with similar purchasing behavior. Find your VIP Customers, Small Ticket Spenders, Value Shoppers, Customer Who Haven’t Purchased in Three Months and more. Additionally, Glew has individual customer profiles that show you each customer’s purchasing timeline, Lifetime Value, Average Order Value and more. Learn more ›

Product Analytics

Get to the heart of your sales performance with Glew’s in-depth Merchandise dashboard. See which products are generating the most profit, incorporate your Cost of Goods Sold data and find your most effective product bundles. Uncover KPIs surrounding each product and category in your store. Learn more ›

ecommerce dashboard in Glew

Store Performance Management

Eliminate data silos with one dashboard. Draw data from your ecommerce platform, advertising sources and analytics platform to see true store performance. Now you can monitor your Revenue, Gross Profit Margin, Channel Profitability and Conversion Rate all in one ecommerce dashboard. Learn more ›

Custom Reports

Build great custom reports based off of data from every dashboard in Glew. Access your reports in a central location, and schedule reports to be sent straight to your inbox. Receive reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so you can stay on top of business performance and proactively make smarter marketing decisions. Learn more ›


Connect All of Your Integrations into One Dashboard


First, integrate your Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Prestashop or WooCommerce store. We’ll automatically pull in merchandise data, customers and purchasing history.


Second, connect your Google Analytics account. We’ll automatically pull in your analytics data – complete with purchasing behavior and cross-channel correlations.


Third, connect your email platform. Glew integrates directly with MailChimp. If your store doesn’t use MailChimp, don’t worry, our customer segments can be exported as a CSV and uploaded into any platform.



Fourth, easily connect your advertising campaigns. Glew integrates directly with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and AdRoll.

Connect Your Analytics Account to Glew

Why Can’t I Just Use Google Analytics?

While Google Analytics is an extremely powerful platform, it shows only a fraction of what is happening in your store. Glew goes beyond the insights found in Google Analytics. Using Glew as your primary dashboard means you can access customer insights, segmentation, profiles and order history in one view. In addition, Glew eliminates the confusing and overwhelming process of data digging. Go beyond basic reporting to an upgraded ecommerce dashboard built just for your business.

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