Facebook Outranks Print as the #1 Most Trusted Channel for Branded Content

Building great content and a creative digital narrative is the foundation of content marketing. But where and how customers view your branding initiatives may be a more effective measure of success.

A recent report by Acquity Group evaluates the most trusted channels for branded content and provides valuable insight for digital marketers when it comes to strategy and budgeting. The report surveyed consumers on their habits and preferences surrounding digital engagement and content.

The rankings below show there is still a trust factor for traditional marketing channels but social media platforms play an important role.

When asked “On which of the following channels would you most trust content created by a brand or company?”, this is how each channel ranked:

iPhone-6-Size1. Facebook
2. Print
3. Email
4. TV
5. News Website
6. Instagram
7. Pinterest
8. Twitter
9. YouTube
10. Snapchat

Facebook’s dominance is largely the result of younger age groups, with 18-22 (29%) and 23-30 (32%) brackets twice as likely as Baby Boomers (52-68; 16%) to rank Facebook number one.

This data supports research we discussed in an earlier post, showing younger generations are more likely to make buying decisions based on social media interaction and social research.

Engaging with brands on social channels is also growing dramatically. According to data from Shareablee, users interacted with brand content 52% more often in the first quarter of 2015 than they did a year ago. To give you an idea of the volume, people liked, shared or commented on brand content 13 billion times in the first quarter across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Using Data to Improve Content Marketing Engagement

While these latest reports provide a barometer for where to concentrate your content marketing, the best answer will lie in analyzing the data you already have in real time. Like everything digital, the only constant is that there is continual change.

“The content distribution landscape is evolving so rapidly that what is cutting-edge today could be defined as “traditional” by next year.” Acquity Group 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study

By understanding the success of branded content across your channels, you’ll get a better idea of the type of message that resonates across each channel and customer. This will require more than simple spreadsheet reports.

A marketing analytics tool that can integrate multiple content marketing channels will allow you to map branded content to different parts of the purchase funnel. You’ll be able to move away from an ad hoc approach to pushing content, to a process of content production that is systematic, integrated and data-driven.

The result is a holistic content plan that drives engagement, increases transactions and expands brand awareness.

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