Data All Marketers Should Pay Attention To

What Data Should You Pay Attention to During the Holidays?

After months of planning, ecommerce businesses are bracing for the holiday shopping season, when an average of 40% of retail revenue is earned.

Inventory is stocked, websites are prepped and promotions are in place. The next important step to ecommerce holiday success is analyzing the data of your holiday shoppers in order to optimize the plans you have in place. Getting it right may be the best way to capitalize on this unique and profitable time of year.

Understand the Ecommerce Holiday Customer Journey

Phone-wider2The customer journey for ecommerce shoppers during the holiday months is different than other times of the year. Buyers are looking for gifts for others, meaning they may be visiting your ecommerce site for the first time.

Help them find you in the first place by using data to identify your most satisfied customers. Once you’ve done that you can boost your marketing referral tactics and entice them to spread the word when demand is high.

The holiday customer shopping journey is also very mobile-centric with a majority of gift browsing done on a phone or tablet. Mobile shoppers are more likely to convert, so it’s important to understand their online behavior with your ecommerce store.

83% of shoppers will use their smartphones for 2015 holiday shopping

Make sure you are analyzing desktop and mobile data separately. Better yet, the ability to use data to identify individual shoppers and how they interact with your site on mobile devices will help you determine the tactics that are most successful during the peak holiday shopping weeks.

New vs. Repeat Customers

Traffic to your website will look a lot different during the holidays with a good chance you’ll see a spike in new visitors. While it’s great to see new potential buyers, make sure to go beyond a numbers count.

Identifying and analyzing new and repeat customer data allows you to evaluate success when it comes to customer acquisition and retargeting efforts. Based on what the data tells you, you can make adjustments and optimize your campaigns during peak holiday shopping weeks. Glew’s Customer dashboard breaks down these segments into easily targeted groups. 

Increasing repeat customer rates by 5% can increase profits anywhere from 25% to 95%

Identifying new customers during the holidays is also a perfect time to convert them into repeat buyers and keep them coming back throughout the year.

Drop Off Data

Very few shoppers are casually browsing during the holidays. They are on a mission and eager to buy. Still, many will either abandon an online cart or drop off your site altogether.

Online retailers should have insight into how far along users get in the buying process and where they are dropping off. By using data to target customers before they reach the point of abandoning a purchase you can increase holiday conversions.  

Analyze Existing Data

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to make use of your existing data in order to determine which products and landing pages have been resonating with buyers. That includes analyzing keyword data used in your internal site search.

With this insight, you can make changes that put your star products in the spotlight. For example, if you sell women’s clothing and have a tweed blazer featured on your homepage but have a high number of searches and hits on the page featuring a cashmere red sweater, it may be time to switch things up. You’re not changing your inventory, simply how you market your merchandise based on online buyer behavior.   

So in the frenzy of the final stretch of the year, don’t forget to take advantage of one of the best gifts an ecommerce business can receive, customer data.  Using it to improve the customer experience, target messaging and increase conversions can help you get your piece of the billion dollars up for grab during the holidays. Try Glew for 7 days free and maximize your holiday data this season. See how a centralized ecommerce dashboard can help you stay on top of fast developments during the holiday season.

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