Understanding Glew’s First Order Attribution

Read why we chose First Order Attribution and how it helps your store succeed in the long run. Click here to learn more about attribution modeling for ecommerce.


Understanding Glew’s Revenue Calculations

View how we calculate Revenue in Glew, and see how we handle discounts, timezones and giftcard data.


Glew User Level Capabilities

See the different capabilities granted to Admin, Marketing Manager and Basic User roles in Glew. Also learn how to update or edit user level access.


How To Set Up And Use Customer Segmentation From Glew In MailChimp

See three videos on how to correctly setup and use Glew and MailChimp for maximum performance.


Integrating Glew Into Your MailChimp Account

See how to set up your Customer Segments so that they flow automatically into MailChimp and how to access insights from MailChimp in Glew.

FAQ Database

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