As Enterprises Grapple with Too Much Tech, the Role of a Chief Marketing Technologist Is Clear

Technology is admittedly a part of the daily activity of most corporate team functions; however, nowhere is that more true than in the marketing department. Experts predict that by 2017, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will spend more on software and technology than the Chief Information Officer.

The Chief Marketing Technologist

As a result of this marketing technology boom, a new executive has been added to the CMO team to help guide the transition to the future.

The Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT) is a newly developing trend at larger marketing departments in an effort to fuse the relationship between marketing and IT.

Roles of the CMT

Their roles include scouting new technological programs and accessing digital performance of current software. But more than anything, a CMT is tasked with forming strategy and then creating a process of implementation for that strategy. And that is where most companies get stuck. It’s easy to create press releases on the “innovation” and “dynamic” vision of the company but far harder to follow through with those goals.

As for marketing, a CMT acts as the eyes and ears of the software world.

They can help marketing teams reserve resources and prevent the need to try every new digital program that peaks on the horizon. The marketing technologist and the IT department will work together to make sure the marketing teams are trained in the lead-generating and acquisition software.

And huge enterprises know leveraging technology is the way to higher profits.

Over two-thirds of companies interviewed in a recent study responded that they plan to invest heavily in their marketing department’s technological-driven programs in the next few years. With all the responsibility and revenue attached to this position, a CMT is slated to be a pivotal position in any organization.

Looking to hire a CMT?

The ideal candidate will have a computer science or management information systems background with a graduate degree in business.

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