Thanks MailChimp! Glew was Featured Alongside Hootsuite & Zapier


Glew was chosen by the MailChimp team as one of four featured integrations for March! See what they had to say about our MailChimp integration, and checkout the other featured March apps here.


“There’s a good chance there are some hidden growth opportunities you’re not taking advantage of, and that’s where Glew comes in. Glew is an e-commerce analytics platform that helps businesses optimize their performance by providing customer insights, merchandise analytics, and performance reporting. And when you connect Glew with MailChimp, you have the power to identify sales trends and use segmentation features in both applications to build targeted campaigns that drive sales.”


Glew integrates with MailChimp to automatically populate email lists for advanced customer segmentation. To learn more about how Glew enhances MailChimp, go to our integration page.