September Roundup

We’re switching our monthly newsletter up a little bit. Read on for September news, resources, and more – and let us know what you think! Is there anything you’d like to see from us? We’d love to hear your thoughts – just drop us a line. 👋


  • *air horn noise* We’re live in the Shopify App Store! We’ve been a Shopify partner for years, and we’re thrilled to make it official and help more Shopify users access powerful analytics and reporting through Glew. You can see our app here.

Find us in the Shopify App Store.

  • We launched a 🔥 new date picker for and Glew Enterprise, making it easier to select custom date ranges for reporting and providing additional default options like previous week, month, quarter and year, and “So far this week.” Check it out on any page in Glew.

New date picker functionality.

  • You’ll notice some new navigation icons on the left sidebar menu in, designed to help you better navigate throughout the app.
  • We updated some of our in-app messaging, specifically around data import updates, making it easier for you to see what’s going on with your imports and know when you need to take action.



Feature of the Month

  • REPORTS: You can select metrics throughout Glew for customized reports, apply filters, and schedule and automate delivery with Glew’s Reports feature. Find it under Reports in your left sidebar menu, and learn more about building and scheduling reports.

Adding metrics to a report in Glew.

Scheduling options for reports in Glew.

Integration of the Month

  • RECHARGE: The subscription economy is growing – and that growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With Glew and ReCharge, you can accurately track retention and churn, understand your subscription profitability and more. Learn more.

Subscription KPIs from Glew and ReCharge

See you next time!