Glew Spotlight with My Freedom Smokes

How Uses Segmentation to Drive Sales

MyFreedomSmokes is the largest and most popular destination online for E-cigarettes and accessories. The company has established itself as the leading online retailer for new and experienced electronic cigarette users, serving as a one stop shop for E-cigarette needs.

Like many ecommerce companies, MyFreedomSmokes relies on email marketing to drive store growth. The marketing team was interested in segmenting customers in order to deliver more personalized campaigns that would drive higher customer lifetime value.

Using Glew, the company is able to group customers based on past purchase behavior and buying frequency. The targeted campaigns have proven to drive conversions and repeat purchases.

“We use Glew to segment and target customer groups with offers that they are more likely to be interested in receiving,” said Dustin Taylor, Director of Marketing for MyFreedom Smokes. “We’ve seen great success thus far.”

Taylor says email and social media campaigns have both been successful outreach strategies that help keep the company’s brand top of mind with current and prospective customers.

MyFreedomSmokes WebpageTo further develop loyalty and increase lifetime value, MyFreedomSmokes offers a loyalty program in which customers earn points with purchases that can be used to redeem discounts.

Taylor says providing a superior customer and online user experience has also shown to be a factor in retaining loyal customers. Three dedicated customer service representatives and several managers make it a priority to connect with and assist customers on a daily basis. They also offer online chat for additional support.

While the company has enjoyed an expanded customer base and online footprint, the growth has not been without it’s challenges. Taylor says they are trying to overcome the thinning margins that have come along with store growth.

MyFreedomSmokes must also keep up to date with new industry regulations, each of which require careful scrutiny before implementing solutions designed to remain compliant.

Ecommerce is a competitive landscape, and companies like MyFreedom Smokes that are taking a proactive approach to strengthening customer relationships are positioned to rise to the top.

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