Revenue from Email as a Channel isn’t displaying in the Performance tab. What’s happening?

There could be a few reasons that revenue from Email as a Channel isn’t displaying under Performance:

  • Revenue associated with the channel of ’email’ may not always show in tables that deal with attribution, including Revenue by Channel (Last 13 Months), Net Profit by Channel and LTV Channel Profitability. That’s because of Glew’s first-order attribution model – unless email is the channel associated with a customer’s first purchase, revenue from subsequent purchases will not be attributed to email. To more accurately view an email campaign’s performance, look at it under Performance → Email Marketing, or within your email platform if your platform is not integrated with Glew.
  • This could also be because email campaigns are not tagged, or are tagged incorrectly, in Google Analytics. Learn more about how to effectively tag your links.
  • If neither of those seem to be the cause, you can turn off Channel Mapping in Glew to review performance channels that don’t have spend associated with them. This will help revenue line up for channels like email, and will not use Glew’s first-order attribution model.