What order statuses are included in Glew’s revenue calculations?

Since Glew is focused on driving profit for our merchants, we do not include certain order statuses, including ‘canceled,’ ‘fraud,’ ‘pending’ and ‘on-hold’ in our revenue calculations. This is designed to provide you with the most accurate and most profit-driven metrics.

The exception to this is in the Orders tab in Glew, where we include all order statuses by default. If you would like to create a custom revenue report including additional order statuses that are excluded from our general revenue calculations, you can create a report from the Orders tab, where you can add and edit filters to include or exclude specific order statuses. Learn more about how to create reports in Glew.

If you are experiencing a discrepancy between revenue/sales in your ecommerce platform and Glew, please check your Orders tab and see if you have a large number of orders in the excluded order statuses listed above. If that does not answer your question, please reach out to us at support@glew.io.