How do you calculate active, at-risk and lost customers in Glew?

We calculate active, at-risk and lost customers based on Lapse Point, a Diamond Metric calculated in Glew that refers to the number of days that can pass before a customer is likely to never make a purchase again. Each business has a different lapse point depending on their products and expected customer behavior. For example, a cosmetics brand would have a significantly shorter lapse point than a company that sells high-end speakers.

Active: Customers who actively purchase on your site and are well within your store’s Lapse Point.

At-risk: Customers who are within 20% of your Lapse Point and are at risk of not buying from your store again. For example, if your lapse point is 100 days, everyone at 80+ days since their last purchase would be At Risk.

Lost: Customers who have surpassed the Lapse Point since they last bought from your store. For example, if your Lapse Point is 100 days, everyone who hasn’t purchased in 100+ days would be considered Lost.

You can find more information about your store’s Lapse Point in Glew under Customers > Future Value page.