7 Traits of a Champion Marketer

1. Befriend the sales team.

It’s easy to work in departmental silos. But daily communication with the sales team and what their needs and desires are will build a bridge to higher profits and a solidified strategy. Not to mention, sales reps have the highest amount of knowledge on what works and doesn’t work in finding and maintaining quality leads–which can save a marketer time and energy.

2. Check out Periscope, create a Vine, get on Pinterest and understand Reddit.

Have you ever tried to explain the nuance of what type of picture is better for Instagram over Twitter? It’s hard to put into words the unwritten rules of each specific platform. Instead of always playing catch-up, embrace the latest trend (or at least be familiar with it); so that when your boss asks why you aren’t posting the annual report on Tumblr, you can easily explain the correct platform.

3. Stop advertising and start contributing.

There is one key difference between spamming and contributing – when you’re contributing the consumer actually wants to see the content. Find avenues that allow for valuable, useful and relevant content, and you will not only strengthen your message but also build company trust. Need inspiration? Challenge your advertising to be as relevant as a casserole recipe on the back of a sauce can.

4. Embrace accountability.

You’ve done your research, launched a campaign, anticipated results and… flatline. Failed digital campaigns can easily be chalked up to trial and error, (but you’re not an average marketer, you’re a champion!). See defeats as opportunities to be better at interpreting your data. Take as much time understanding why a campaign didn’t work as one that did.

5. Voice the standpoint of your consumer.

Marketers have the unique standpoint of providing consumer insight by assisting an organization in understanding. The more you listen and engage with consumers, the better you find out what they want and how to give them what they want.

6. Remove the phrase “I’ll talk to IT” as a catchall for not knowing what to do.

Take the lead on finding, managing and integrating solutions. With all of the wonderful Service as a Software (SaaS) products out there, most likely a solution can be found without needing to pass through three technicians.

7. Weigh leads with effort.

It doesn’t matter how many tweets, posts, emails or clicks it takes to get leads so long as a solid number is there in the end…right? Wrong. Leads will always be the shinning star in a quarterly report, but that number should be weighed against costs and opportunity costs. If it took hounding a contact list with 3 emails a week for a month to get 50 leads, is that truly a successful campaign? Champion marketers look at singular numbers with a proportion in mind.

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